our vision

To bring inspiration, innovation, and excellence and expand every students' potential.

our mission

Empower every student with tools to communicate, collaborate and create their career paths with confidence. 

our values

Everything we do communicates. At the Learning Lab, we respect everyone and honor each other. We believe every student is born with a gift that only they can bring to the world. These values guide our daily decisions.

Respect & Integrity

Empathy & Inclusion

Equity & Diversity

Excellence & Resilience

Courage & Leadership

Connection & Compassion

Our Philosophy

Inspired by J. Dewey, W. James, P. Freire, I. Schor, and other philosophers.

  • We love learning through an experiential, constructive, not passive process, that lasts a lifetime
  • We learn best as a community of learners, each bringing our own unique skills & talents. 
  • A diverse community creates for all a stimulating culture of inquiry and intellectual curiosity.
  • We empower students with the tools for self-efficacy, reflection, and self-management.
  • Education is student-centered, focused on the whole child and the student directs their intellectual journey
  • We learn by doing and leading real world and project-based learning experiences.
  • Lab Facilitators and students learn from each other. 
  • Lab Facilitators or adults never underestimates the knowledge, experiences and words of a child, no matter how young he/she is.

Our team

We support all learners to develop communications and leadership skills, preparing them to meet current and future challenges, and empowering them with skills to fulfill their highest potential as we collaborate to create a peaceful world.

Gisele Nguyen

Parent, Co-Founder, MBA, Keynote Speaker, Educator/Facilitator, and Former Director of Fortune 25 Companies with over 20 years of experience in business, technology & education.

Andy Parks

Advisor, Parent, Former Global Marketing Executive, and Kuolt Professor, Business Management & Marketing at Central Washington University

Lourdes Morales

Parent, MBA, 25 years working in Media, Marketing, Business Development, Nonprofits, Community Outreach;  Produced trilingual (English, Spanish, and Armenian) programs for Los Angeles Unified School District, KLCS Channel 58; Produced Emmy nominated program for KWHY, Channel 22;  Bilingual Spanish and English

Yarib Dheming

Parent, Outreach Manager for Inside the Outdoors, an environmental education organization administered by OCDE with 20 years of experience in outdoor education.


Anne San Roman

Advisor, Parent & Principal of Fairmont Elementary School with 25 years in public education. 


Roy Gill

Parent, Co-Founder & Chair of LifOpps, Former Vice President & Financial Controller with 25 years of experience in Finance & Engineering


William Freeman

Parent, Masters of Arts, Diplomacy, Int’L Commerce - Norwich University; Masters Certification in Public Administration, University of Massachusetts (in progress); 20 years of experience in Program Management, Public/Government Affairs, Business Development & Customer Engagement. Keynote Speaker and Facilitator: Department of Defence (DoD), Radboud University, Netherlands; Bilingual German and English

Our Partners


reach Foundation

Supports and provides learning opportunities to Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District.

The mission is to enrich, inspire and engage learners through educational experiences in collaboration with PYLUSD, advocating for 21st-century learning skills: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.


Inside the outdoors

Inside the Outdoors is a unique and hands-on environmental education program serving over 120,000 participants per school year. 

The mission is to empower students, teachers, parents, and the community to explore natural areas and expand their knowledge, understanding, and stewardship of the environment through our Virtual Programs​ for 2021/2022Field TripsTraveling Scientist, and Community programs.